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Victorias Gambling Regulator Dismisses Claims against Crown Casino

Last year, the Government of the state of Victoria ordered the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) to start an investigation, following Mr. Wilkie’s lobbying against the casino in the local Parliament. The independent Member of Parliament has been known for his campaigns against Crown Resorts, making some claims that the famous casino brand has not been in line with the local gambling legislation and regulatory rules. Earlier in 2018, he brought some whistleblowers’ testimonials to the Parliament, airing allegations of misconduct. At the time, Crown Casino Melbourne also faced some claims that its staff has provided some of the casino’s regular customers with special Crown-branded picks to jam down the poker machines’ buttons allowing them to play continuously. Since the first allegations against the casino emerged, Mr. Wilkie said that other people have raised concerns about the casino through his office, too. In a complaint filed to Victoria’s gambling regulatory body on June 20th, Mr. Wilkie revealed that the watchdog dismissed the testimony of two whistleblowers, who wanted to remain anonymous as they feared for their personal safety. MP Wilkie shared that he was surprised with the decision of Victoria’s gambling regulator.

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