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FIFA playing roulette in Russia World Cup

Even before a ball has been kicked, the football’s governing body, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) had scored own goals in its stewardship of the beautiful game. The very integrity of the award process of the World Cup to Russia and the next one in Qatar in 2022 has been repeatedly questioned. Russia is a pariah sports nation in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee over its allegedly institutionalised and flagrant doping of athletes; has a far-right football hooliganism problem; and a die-hard racism culture among a minority of fans who targeted racial abuse at players of colour over the last few seasons. Fifa president Gianni Infantino will contend that these decisions were taken during the tenure of his disgraced predecessor Sepp Blatter, albeit as Fifa secretary, he was clearly in the thick of it. The World Cup will be the first one in the post-Blatter era, but at least till 2022, the most prestigious global sporting spectacle will continue to be defined by the legacy of Blatter and the corruption scandals linked to him. Infantino’s abrupt sacking of Cornel Borbély and Hans-Joachim Eckert from Fifa’s Ethics Committee in the aftermath of his election as president, despite the fact they had “hundreds of cases” ongoing in the corruption scandal linked to the Blatter era, sent all the wrong signals. Russia 2018 is as much a test for the Infantino regime going forward as it is for the world governing body. It will take at least a decade to exorcise the demons of the Blatter administration. There are critics who suggest that Infantino was too embroiled with the Blatter era, and as such his ability and commitment to deliver vital reforms may be seriously compromised. A week before the start of Russia 2018, Infantino, in an interview with FIFA.Com, declared Russia was “100 per cent ready” to host the tournament.

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